Carbon black plays a key role in improving properties important to tire manufacturing and tire performance. Our carbon blacks provide increased tire durability and reinforcement for long lasting tires, and selecting the right carbon black for each component of the tire is important in providing the optimal balance of  properties.                                                                                                                                               

  For example, today in tire tread compounds, the balance between wear resistance, rolling resistance and traction is very important. Our line of patented Enhanced Performance carbon blacks have been designed to improve Treadwear and Rolling Resistance while maintaining traction and represent an important contribution toward meeting the ever increasing standards required for tire labeling and fuel economy. Other carbon blacks have been designed to retain air in the tire by reducing the inner liner permeability to help maintain the tire inflation and increase the tire lifetime and fuel economy. Our technology team is focused on developing new grades of carbon black for further improvements in tread wear and reduced heat buildup in the tread and body components for reducing CO2 emissions and improving fuel economy and the longevity of the tire – all designed for a cleaner planet and sustainable mobility.Pigment Carbon Black
   XIN YUAN Carbon produces and supplies a complete line of high quality GB 3778-2003 grades for tire producers and has developed performance carbon black grades tailored to improve tire performance for tread life.

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Zaozhuang Xinyuan Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd is a professional factory specializing in the production of various pigment carbon blacks


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